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SkyView Atlanta: A Spectacular Ride in the Sky

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, SkyView Atlanta offers visitors a breathtaking experience that combines stunning panoramic views with an exhilarating ride in the sky. As one of the city’s most iconic attractions, SkyView Atlanta has become synonymous with awe-inspiring vistas, family-friendly fun, and unforgettable memories. Information can be found here.

A Marvel of Engineering: The SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel

The centerpiece of SkyView Atlanta is its magnificent Ferris wheel, standing at an impressive height of 20 stories tall. This modern marvel of engineering features 42 fully enclosed gondolas, each capable of accommodating up to six passengers. The gondolas are climate-controlled, ensuring a comfortable experience for riders throughout the year. The Ferris wheel’s slow rotation allows riders to take stunning views of Atlanta’s skyline, landmarks, and beauty. See here for information about Piedmont Park: Atlanta’s Urban Oasis for Recreation and Relaxation.

Bird’s Eye View: Unparalleled Panoramas

Ascending in the gondolas of SkyView Atlanta provides visitors with unparalleled city vistas. From the top, riders can admire iconic landmarks such as Centennial Olympic Park, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the Georgia State Capitol. On clear days, the views extend beyond the cityscape, allowing riders to see the majestic Appalachian Mountains in the distance. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, the ever-changing scenery from the Ferris wheel promises to leave visitors in awe.

Family-Friendly Fun: Entertainment for All

SkyView Atlanta is a popular attraction for families, offering a memorable experience for both children and adults. The gentle rotation of the Ferris wheel ensures a safe and enjoyable ride for all ages. The enchanting lights of the Ferris wheel at night create a magical atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for a romantic date or a fun-filled family outing. The surrounding area of SkyView Atlanta also features vibrant street performances, interactive fountains, and an array of dining options, adding to the overall entertainment value.

Special Occasions and Events: Celebrate in the Sky

SkyView Atlanta offers unique opportunities to celebrate special occasions and create lasting memories. From proposals to birthdays, private VIP gondolas can be reserved for a more intimate experience. The Ferris wheel also plays a significant role in the city’s festive celebrations, such as New Year’s Eve, when the sky is illuminated with dazzling fireworks.


SkyView Atlanta is an iconic attraction that offers a captivating experience high above the city streets. With its impressive Ferris wheel, breathtaking views, and family-friendly ambiance, it provides a unique perspective of Atlanta’s skyline and landmarks. Whether it’s a thrilling adventure or a romantic evening, a visit to SkyView Atlanta promises unforgettable moments and an opportunity to see the city from a whole new angle.